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  • 26 South St, Chichester, PO191EL

  • Open until 21:55

  • Food Type: Vegan | Ramen | Curry | Asian | | | | |

  • Review Score: 4.2/5 based on 50+ ratings

Sample Food – Available to Order Online

  • SidesChilli SquidCrispy fried squid, shichimi
    spice, chilli + coriander di……£6.95PopularEbi Katsu (Prawn)Prawns in crispy panko
    breadcrumbs, coriander, f……£6.95Edamame with Chilli Garlic Salt (VG)Beans with chilli-garlic salt.…£4.50Edamame with Salt (VG)Beans with salt.…£4.50Tori Kara Age (Crispy Chicken)Crispy chicken pieces, fresh
    lime, spiced sesame + soy……£5.75Chicken Yakitori (NEW)Marinated chicken skewers,
    spicy teriyaki sauce, shich……£6.95Bang Bang Cauliflower (VG)Crispy cauliflower,
    firecracker sauce, red + s……£4.95Prawn KushiyakiSkewered grilled prawns.
    lemongrass + chilli marina……£6.50Raw Salad (V)Mixed leaves, edamame
    beans, baby plum tomato……£3.75Duck Wraps – Asian Pancakes and Cherry HoisinShredded crispy duck,
    cucumber, spring onion.…£5.95Tama Squid Crispy fried creamy squid
    balls, okonomiyaki sauce, ……£6.95

  • Hirata Steamed BunsPork Belly, Panko Apple and Sriracha Bao BunsTwo fluffy asian buns with
    coriander + mayonnaise.…£5.95Korean Barbecue Beef and Red Onion Bao BunsTwo fluffy asian buns with
    coriander + mayonnaise.…£5.95Mixed Mushroom and Panko Aubergine Bao Buns (V)Two fluffy asian buns with
    coriander + mayonnaise.…£5.95Mixed mushroom + panko aubergine hirata steamed buns (vg)two fluffy asian buns. vegan
    sriracha mayonnaise. cori……£5.95

  • GyozaSteamed Chicken (Gyoza)Served grilled and with a
    dipping sauce.…£5.95PopularFried Duck (Gyoza)Served with a dipping
    sauce.…£5.95PopularSteamed Pulled Pork (Gyoza)Served grilled and with a
    dipping sauce.…£5.95Steamed (Yasai) – Vegetable (VG) (Gyoza)Served grilled and with a
    dipping sauce.…£5.75

  • Wagamama – Chichester reviews: 4.2 out of 5 based on 50+ ratings

Is there a minimum spend?2019-11-23T19:02:18+00:00

The minimum order amount can vary depending on which restaurant you’re ordering from. If there’s a minimum order amount, you’ll be informed at checkout before you place your order.

How is the food delivered to me?2019-11-23T19:01:25+00:00

Once you’ve placed your order, it’s sent directly to the restaurant for them to prepare and package. Once it’s ready, a Deliveroo rider will pick up your order and bring it to your delivery address.

How does it work?2019-11-23T19:00:52+00:00

You can order either on the website or by using the Deliveroo app, available on iOS and Android. Simply add your postcode to find all the great restaurants delivering in your area, choose your food and place your order.

Once the restaurant receives your order, they’ll get to work preparing your food and then carefully package it. Once it’s all ready to go, a Deliveroo rider will pick it up and bring it to you.

What is Deliveroo?2019-11-23T18:54:14+00:00

Deliveroo are a company that partner with restaurants all around the UK to deliver you takeaway at fantastic speed and the same prices you’d expect to pay from. The average order is delivered in just 32 minutes.

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